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Mindful Breathing

*This listing is for the MINDFUL BREATHING masterclass ONLY*

We are going to be breaking down the latest research in neuroscience on how kids and parents can use breathwork to create a mindfulness foundation and use the breath to help regulate difficult situations and experiences in the moment. 

We have taken hundreds of hours of resources and training and distilling it down into the most impactful, easy-to-implement ways so you can take action immediately for more peace and calm in your home!

Each session is approx. 45 minutes in length and includes downloadable practice sheets. A guest breathwork expert interview is also included. 

You can sign-up for each session individually, or purchase them as a full bundle for a LIMITED TIME at a discounted rate. To purchase the whole series, visit this link

The sessions can be watched live or you can access the recording (lifetime access) when its most convenient for you.

Lock in this early access bundle pricing if you are interested!

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