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We believe there is a potential way of being on this Earth that is right at our fingertips. That we are entering a new stage in our evolution, marked by interconnectedness and a leap in conscious awareness. Where the greatest gift that each of us can offer ourselves and the world is a deep inner knowing of who we are and who we came here to be.

As with any transition, we are in the beginning stages of understanding what it means to live in true alignment and thrive in this new era. As a collective, we are uncovering so many cutting edge discoveries in quantum physics, neuropsychology, depth psychology, neurodevelopment and more. All which have profound implications on what is means to be human and how we can thrive in this existence. It is our goal to bring forward all of these amazing insights in a highly practical way to help kids and families create a new way of being.

Pulling from cutting edge research and real-life experience, we have developed an approach to lay the foundation for kids to become conscious creators of their lives. And, it begins with the 4 I's...

We help kids tap into, explore and trust their 

Inner World:

Our inner landscape is the foundation for how we experience the world; we can learn how to consciously navigate our minds, emotions and thoughts.


We are born with unique gifts we are meant to explore and share. The path to inner fulfillment comes from following our passions, interests and gifts.


We are born with an innate inner compass that is here to guide us on our journeys. We can learn to tap into and trust our intuition as our core guide.


Our imagination is the place from which we create. It shapes our reality, actions and behaviors, and is the lens through which all possibilities exist.

Let's flip the paradigm, together!

This community is for those ready to break into a new way of being. Those who are ready to take step into the unknown to create a more heart-centered, beautiful world for their kids and future generations.

Thank you for being here!

Meet Lauren, Chief Creator and Founder
A consciousness expander, nature lover, and
heart-connected mother here for the new era. 

After years in corporate and business strategy consulting, Lauren decided to step away. She felt deeply in her body that it no longer aligned and she had inner knowing there was a brighter potential. One where she woke up every day inspired to share her own innate creative gifts and desires, while inspiring her kids and others to do the same.

It is from this deep inner knowing that Infinite Kids was born. Lauren has been driven by an innate desire to understand human behavior and potential from a young age. After diving into the academic side of this passion for the first 10 years of her professional career, she was led to become a yoga and meditation teacher and explore the contemplative practices. She began to deeply understand that her external world was a direct reflection of her inner world, and that we are the creators of how we experience this reality.

Her approach and the foundation of the company's vision brings together her fascination with the mind bending discoveries in quantum physics and its application to human potential, and her years of practice teaching and coaching meditation and mindfulness. And yet, her greatest experience comes from living, testing and experimenting these approaches to create a life filled with connection, joy and alignment for herself and family. She is inspired every day by her two young boys, as they innately explore their passions and live in the moment.  

It is her dream and mission to help flip the paradigm: to support the next generation in learning how to become conscious creators of their lives. And, to support the transition to a collective humanity that taps into its' highest expression filled with joy and harmony. 


Lauren holds a B.A. in psychological brain sciences from Dartmouth College and a Masters in Public Health from Yale University. Her prior professional career included positions in management consulting, corporate and public health policy with DC-based think tanks, and numerous growth strategy positions with healthcare start-up’s.  She holds a health and wellness coaching certification from Wellcoaches and is a registered RYT-200 yoga instructor. In the contemplative practices, she is formally trained in mindfulness based stress reduction (MBSR), Yoga Nidra and Kundalini Yoga and Meditation.