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Mindful Family Series

In our Mindful Family, we are cover the 4 most impactful inner awareness + potential practice areas for families, parents and kids.

We know there are so many different resources out there (and so little extra time :), that we wanted to provide a quick and impactful way for parents to receive new tools and guidance that can create a strong mindfulness foundation and impact in their homes.

The 4 classes include:

Mindful Breathing 
Mindful Emotions 
Mindful at Bedtime 
My Mindful Inner Compass 

We've taken hundreds of hours of resources and training and distilled it down into the most impactful, easy-to-implement ways so you can take action immediately for more peace and calm in your home!

We have broken down the latest research in quantum physics, neuropsychology, neuroscience and more, on how kids and parents can develop these skills and encode them in both the mind and the body so they stick for life.

Each session is approx. 45 minutes and includes downloadable practice sheets. Guests expert are included with most of the topics. 

You can access the FAQ for the series here

All sessions can be purchased individual as well via the above links. 

Mindful Family Series
Mindful Family Series
Mindful Family Series
Mindful Family Series

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