In our Simply Mindful Series, we are covering the 4 most impactful mindfulness practice areas for families, parents and kids. We know there are so many different resources out there (and so little extra time :), that we wanted to provide a quick and impactful way for parents to receive new tools and guidance that can create a strong mindfulness foundation and impact in their homes.

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In addition to each of the masterclass sessions and the practice materials provided, we are hosting an expert on each topic area who is also a parent. We are making these available to the entire Heartflow Kids community and you can access each of the videos or recordings right here!

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Mindful Breathing Interview with Alessandra Caprice

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The interview sessions for Mindful Emotions (02/01), Mindful at Bedtime (02/15) and My Mindful Inner Compass (03/01) will be posted here once they go live on the listed dates.