Below you will find more information on our masterclass series and offerings. If you have any questions that are not answered here, feel free to email us at 

Q: What are the topics that are going to be covered?

A: There are 4 topics that are covered in the Simply Mindful series for parents and kids. 

  • Mindful Breathing - How the breath is our anchor and the most impactful tool we have to connect to the present moment and our inner awareness 
  • Miindful Emotions - How mindfulness can help us develop a new perspective on our emotions and our experience with them
  • Mindful Bedtime - How we can create a peaceful and calm environment before bed by releasing any tension or experiences from our day 
  • Mindful Inner Compass - How we can connect to our intuition / inner compass to guide us in daily life 

Q. What is included (materials, etc.) with each class?

A. For each class, you will have access to the masterclass session (45-minute science + experienced based session with background, context and practice review for the parents + kids), access to an interview with a topic area expert (who is also a parent!), and video and practice sheets for download. We are so excited to release a new format for our practice sheets for kids which include an engaging story + practice / meditation! You can learn more about our embodiment formula  we use in our intro video

Q. Who is leading the sessions?

A: All of the sessions will be led by our Founder, Lauren Betzing (RYT-200). Lauren holds a B.A. in psychological brain sciences from Dartmouth College and a Masters degree in Chronic Disease Epidemiology and Health Policy from Yale University. She is a registered RYT-200 yoga and meditation instructor and holds a health and wellness coaching certification from Wellcoaches. In the contemplative practices, she is formally trained in mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR), Yoga Nidra and Kundalini Yoga and Meditation. For more info on Lauren's background, please visit our About Us page. 

Q. Why do you include practices for both parents and kids?

A: By practicing together with your kids, you open up the opportunity for a level of growth that would not be accessible if practicing in silos. We have found two common scenarios: (1) that parents aim to bring more mindfulness into their family life, but they are unsure how to translate their practices to their kids. Or, (2) they have offered kid friendly mindfulness resources to their children, but they have not truly committed to practicing themselves.

 We like to say that parents are the model and kids are the mirror - providing each other the perfect complements for inner growth. In other words, we know from research that children learn through modeling - they learn based on what you do, not what you say. They see value in the practices IF they see YOU valuing them for your own growth.

 We also believe children are greatest teachers. They can act like mirrors, helping us to uncover the parts of ourselves that have been wounded along the way. By sharing these experiences together, an entirely new paradigm is created - one that has the potential to shift deep generational patterns.

Q. What ages are the practices best for?

A: All of the background and practice insights  shared are for parents with kids any age from newborn to teen! The practice sheets are intended for kids ages 3 to 10 years old with recommended adaptations based on age groups (ie.., 3-4, 5-7, and 8-10). 

Q. When will the sessions take place?

A: A new class, interview and materials will launch live every other Tuesday beginning on January 18th. The full course schedule is available on the bundle product page. 

Q. How can I access the live course or any of the recordings?

A: After you purchase the the full bundle or one of the individual masterclass sessions, you will receive a link to our course page on Thinkific. All class material will be posted to this course page including the links with the live session and all class recordings and materials. All materials will be available for lifetime access of the course (i.e., years :). 

Q. Is there a forum where I can ask any questions about the classes?

A. Yes! You are welcome to submit any questions to us during the course and we will do a weekly round-up Q&A 7-10 days after each session. The answers to these questions will be posted to the course page. 

If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out!