This set of bedtime activity cards contains engaging and memorable practices to help children tap into the magic and inner potential that lies within them. From breathwork, to visualization, positive mindset development, and more, kids can learn to tap into their inner peace to relax and restore their bodies before bedtime. Each contains a beautiful illustration, a mantra, and a guided story-based meditation practice.

Each set contains 16 beautiful cards with illustrations, mantras and practices and 2 introduction cards with helpful information and tips on how to use them. 

Example cards include:

"I see my emotions as wise visitors that come and go"
Practice: Accepting & Releasing My Emotions

"I close my eyes and rest my mind, finding the
peaceful place inside of me where I can simply be"
Practice: Finding my peaceful place

"I exhale any tension from my body, with my powerful breath"
Practice: Breathing into the Night Air

"I have peaceful and beautiful dreams"
Practice: Peaceful Dreams

"I show compassion for others, and touch
their lives with acts of love and kindness."
Practice: The Power of our Hearts


Featuring beautiful illustrations by Bria Block.